OnePlus Bullets Wireless Review

OnePlus has been dominating the market with its innovative and reasonable products. It offers more for less and its recent product, OnePlus Bullets Wireless is all set to dazzle the customers. These wireless earphones were launched with the launch of their flagship OnePlus 6. Bullets wireless has a market price of INR 3990. As with the growing trend and disappearance of 3.5 mm headphone jack from phones, the future holds technology that won’t use wires. Bullets have a battery life of eight hours and a fast charging feature is available. They also have Qualcomm aptX audio codec’s support to provide high-quality sound. Let’s take a good look at the various pros and cons of these earphones to see whether they will be a good buy this year or not.

Design –

The box in which they come is a simple white box that has a drawing of OnePlus Bullets Wireless on the top cover. The right segment of the box has a compartment that contains extra ear tips. There is a red case made up of silicone beneath the extra accessories they have provided. They have also provided a type C USB cable for charging. The earphones are covered with a durable and soft coating of silicone. It gives it a very classy look. Earphones are neckband style and slick. The silicone coat makes them resistant to liquids. The left side of the earphones has a USB type C port, Bluetooth button, and a microphone. There is not an external flap that covers the USB port. The port is also water resistant.  In addition to this, you can easily buy this using Mobikwik Add Money Offer with great deals.

They have used aluminum to make the chambers of earbuds, which is glossy and red accents are present encircling the edges. The back, which is flat, has magnets. When you are not wearing OnePlus Bullets Wireless, the earbuds will stick and encircle your neck. Once the earbuds stick because of the magnets, it also paused the song. The left wire has an in-line remote. You can use this remote to control tracks and volume.

Bluetooth 4.1 is used by the earphones. The range of this Bluetooth is ten meters. They come with a fast charging feature due to the presence of Dash Charge technology. They support the Qualcomm aptX high-resolution audio codec and this gives them a long battery life of around 8 hours. OnePlus Bullets Wireless lack NFC. They don’t have vibration motor anywhere in the neckband and you won’t get alerted if a call is coming.

Performance –

The feature that is seen only with OnePlus phones is that when you attach the earbuds with each other magnetically, the music pauses and when they are detached, the music plays again automatically. This feature works under OnePlus 6’s mode called earphone mode. With other android mobiles and iPhones, the songs will pause when you attach the earbuds magnetically, but they won’t get resumed once detachment occurs.

A long press on the play button will open google assistant in android phones and Siri in iPhones. The earbuds are very light and comfortable. You can wear OnePlus Bullets Wireless comfortably for hours and you won’t feel any uneasiness in your ears. There are wing tips that help in its proper positioning. They rest on the inner ridge of the ears and are light and comfortable too. It can be used while exercising and running.

Only one connection is allowed with the earphones. Beeps ensure your pairing and no voice confirmation occurs. The sound quality is very good and the vocals are clear and crisp. Bass provided is not very powerful. A soft bass doesn’t interfere with the sound quality, even at high volumes, you get good and clear music. Sound isolation is good. The calls are audible and clear.

Battery –

OnePlus Bullets Wireless has a battery life of eight hours. Fast charging feature is there. You can fully charge them in under thirty minutes. The battery levels need to be checked manually by observing the LEDs. There are no voice alerts for low battery.

Conclusion –

They are very good at the price they come at. OnePlus provides all the required accessories along. Their fast charging and good battery life are the highlights. Sound quality is good too. The price of OnePlus Bullets Wireless is ₹3990. It is a good deal at a reasonable cost. Moreover, if you are looking for a job for a technical officer then it could be a better chance to try it. you also Alexa Setup through One plus device

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