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What to do in the situation of Alexa not responding?

Introduction of Alexa by Amazon have made things much easier. But whenever it is found that there is a technical problem in it, then it is truly a difficult situation. If you find that you are in mid of such a situation when Alexa not responding, then there are few reasons behind it. The real challenge is identifying the reasons and therefore resolving them. Only when the causes are tackle wisely, the main issue could be solve.

How to solve the difficulty in finding smart home devices?

If you have difficulty in adding smart home devices in Alexa, then you must first check whether that device is support. When you find that the particular device supports Alexa, but it is unable to connect them, then you have to follow these steps for resolving it:

  1. In the first place, you have to check the command that you have provided Alexa. Even a small difference in phrasing or names can cause a problem.
  2. There are some smart devices which have difficulty in staying connected with software. You have to check whether smart devices are connect.
  3. Often few network issues cause a problem in finding the smart devices. In that situation, you have to just correct the network and that will solve the issue automatically.
  4. If these steps don’t help you to get the problems resolved, then you have to follow Amazon echo troubleshooting measures for finding the perfect solution.
How to solve the problem in connecting with Wi-Fi?

Suddenly if you find that Echo, Echo dot or Tap is losing connection then you have to follow these steps for solving the problem:

  1. First, you have to power the cycle router, modem and Alexa speaker properly so that it gets connected.
  2. These steps will help you to get rid of this problem but if you still find that Alexa not responding then you have to follow other troubleshooting measures.
  3. You have to stream audio for a few minutes for finding out whether you are facing the same problem again.
  4. If you find the same problem is again arising, then you should move the speaker away from other devices and closer to the router for solving this problem.
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What to do when Alexa is unable to hear you?

After proper setup of Alexa, it will start responding to your commands but if you find that Alexa not responding well then it is a problematic situation. One possible reason for this problem is that Alexa speaker is unable to hear the command. You have to follow the steps mentioned here for solving this issue:

  1. You have to ensure that the speakers are place in such a location where it has eight inches of space around it.
  2. In the next step, you have to check that the surrounding of Alexa is not crowd as that would create a problem in hearing the commands.
  3. At last, you have to check whether there are any network issues. Sometimes Alexa is unable to hear you because it is not connect to the network.
  4. There are times you find that Alexa is not listening to your commands. This is often because there are certain Alexa setup problems. Only when proper steps of setup are follow, Alexa will start hearing your commands.
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How to interpret various problems?

Even when you find that Alexa is dormant still you can find the type of issues present in it, by the indication of seven color lights present on it. Each color indicates some or other problems. The list of issues with the color indicating them are jolt down:

  • If you find red light, that is an indication that the mic present on the top of the speaker is pressed. Due to which Alexa is unable to hear your requests so it is not responding.
  • If you find orange light, then that is a simple indication that the device is trying to connect to wireless network but it is unable to connect.
  • If you find violet light, then that implies that there is some problem and Alexa not responding due to an error in Wi-Fi setup.
  • When it is a case of Amazon tap, then the status indication is different from Alexa. It has five tiny LEDs on the top-front edge of the speaker.
  • There are pulsing red lights when Alexa is unable to complete the process or command provided.
  • When the speaker is in setup mode, then there will be pulsing amber lights.
  • If there are pulsing blue lights, then that is an indication that the speaker is in Bluetooth pairing mode.

Whenever you have a problem in using Alexa or you find that Alexa not responding, then you can easily interpret the problems by analyzing the light indicates that you receive.