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Why there is need of Amazon echo troubleshooting measures?

Alexa is a voice-activated home audio speaker system with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. While using it there are many problems that you have to face. All these issues have very simple troubleshooting measures to solve. You have to follow Amazon echo troubleshooting measures for sorting out the issues as soon as possible.

What to do when Alexa gets activated by itself?

You may find that Alexa gets activated just by hearing some similar commanding sound from anywhere else. If you face a similar problem, then you have to follow these steps for getting rid of that:

  • When you find that Alexa is doing some unwanted activities then you should first ensure that it is not getting any instruction from some other place.
  • If it is placed near the television, then you have to press it away from that.
  • In the duration of watching television you can press the mute button present on the top.
  • You can also change the wake word from default to something else which is uncommon. This will prevent Alexa from reacting on hearing the wake word.
Amazon echo troubleshooting
How to the troubleshoot the issue of receiving unwanted calls?

Amazon echo services is a calling feature of Alexa. It consists of the calling feature but there is no
feature to manage the contacts. That implies that you can’t manage the contacts to whom you are
calling or messaging. So, if you are having issue of receiving unwanted calls then you have to follow
these steps for resolving it:

  • If you link anyone to Alexa calling feature, then they will be even able to contact you using it. But in case you block anyone from this feature then it disables the calling feature completely.
  • You can solve this problem by setting up Alexa calling with a different number. After that you can share that number with people whom you want to contact.
  • If you need further fix for this problem, then you have to follow the Amazon echo troubleshooting measures.
What to do when Alexa is not playing music?

You can control playback music by using multi-room audio. It works well with the Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show feature. This feature provides, ability to play music through the house without any problem. If you have any problem in playing music, then you have to follow the steps:

  • In case you have not named echo devices properly, then you have to try to play music on
  • If you have to face problem playing the music even after having set up of the speakers.
  • Suppose there is Alexa setup problem, then you have to ensure that you complete Alexa setup properly then only you can listen to your favorite music without any hassle.
amazon echo troubleshooting
How to solve the problem of too loud alarms?

Sometimes sound of the timers or alarms is much louder. It becomes loud than playback volume of Alexa. This situation arises when the alarm and timer volume controlled by the Alexa app. Below mentioned are the steps to get rid of this problem:

  • You have to set the alarm, timer and notification volume.
  • You can solve this problem by opening the Alexa app in Android or iOS and then going to the
  • You have to choose your device name and then sounds from the settings.
  • Finally, you have to drag the slider to set the volume level as per your wish.
  • If you need guidance in these steps or you find Alexa not responding. Then you have to seek guidance in the steps of Amazon echo troubleshooting techniques.
Amazon echo troubleshooting

How to setup Amazon echo?

  1. First step starts by downloading the app. You have to visit the app store on the mobile device
    and search for Alexa app. There you will able to select and download the app. You can visit the website from any browser of your choice. You have to ensure that you are accessing it from Wi-
    Fi supported device. Therefore, Alexa helps in managing various things when you are able to set
    it up.
  2. In the next step you have to turn on the Amazon echo. You have to first of all plug the power
    adapter in the Amazon echo. Then you have to put it into a power outlet. After that the light
    ring will first turn blue, then it will turn to orange. When the orange light appears then that is a
    sign, that Amazon echo is greeting you. If you find that orange light is not appearing, or there is some sort of problem, then you have to follow troubleshooting measures.
  3. Finally, you can start using Alexa by connecting it to Wi-Fi. Suppose you find that it doesn’t
    connect to the Wi-Fi network, then it is troublesome. In that situation, you can follow various
    Amazon echo troubleshooting measures for connecting it to Wi-Fi.