Amazon Customer Service Number +1800 865 1735


Amazon is a platform where you can sell or purchase various products online. It has numerous categories and the prime membership facilities available for the customers is the most famous one. If you opt to shop from here you can get the products on discount, on special offers and delivery facility of one or two days. If you are a member of Amazon prime then you even watch a movie on it. While using the Amazon account you have to face multiple problems and solutions. Amazon customer service comes up with all the solutions to those issues. You can easily get immediate help for any error that you get in the Amazon. Either call directly to the customer service team by using the phone or you can even message them the trouble via chat. They will instantly revert you back with help.

Amazon customer service

How does Amazon customer service team help?

The phone lines of the support are available always for connecting with the right Amazon agent. The Common problems of customers of Amazon are addressed by the customer care team. They have the ability and knowledge to answer calls and solve the problems of Amazon’s users. Here are a few more ways in which our team helps you:

  • You get technical and service support from the Amazon support team. All the technical issues arising in the Amazon are identified by customer service unit and hence they provide instant solutions to the customers remotely.
  • Most of the time Amazon’s users face problem in canceling an order. If you are facing such a problem then without thinking twice contact the support team. They will not only guide you to cancel the order but they will even help you get the refund of the order very easily.
  • In case you have Billing Issue, Refunds Issue, Prime membership Issue or Password Reset Issue, then help center of Amazon will help you to resolve the issue within 24 hours.
  • The main aim of Amazon is to be customer-centric so the satisfaction of the customer is the major objective. Amazon customer service team look forward to helping the customer.
  • The customer service team is there to render relevant support in solving all the issues easily. All you need to do is dial the support number and you can easily gather all kind of product related information.
  • We provide customer service to satisfy its customers time to time in any part of the world and as we have toll free customer service number and email address to connect with the customers so they are able to get in touch with the executives easily.

Why avail the help of Amazon customer service?

Amazon is a shopping platform which deals and manages thousands of transactions every day. It is quite obvious that there will a few errors while using it. So, there is a need for a customer service team which can easily deal with problems faced by the customer. Even if there is a problem in Alexa setup, the support team provide you relevant support regarding it. They listen to the customer, understands them properly and then only proceed to provide the necessary help. They always try to address the customer in a good way and provide them a relevant solution. Below mentioned are a few more reasons due to which you should always avail the help of our team:

  • If there is any trouble in the Amazon prime membership then the customer service is available to resolve all the issues related to membership as early as possible.
  • Users get 24/7 help from the customer service department as the membership of Prime is a fast and free shipping program for orders of any amount so a small problem is addressed instantly by the team.
  • You can access millions of songs in Prime music as it has many kinds of songs like English, Hindi and many other languages. You can even save songs offline and listen to that song later without any data charges. But if you find that you are prevented from saving songs then you can take help of a customer service team who will enable you to do so.
  • Similarly, Amazon prime videos are available all types of devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs, and various TVs in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Telugu, and many other languages but if you are unable to do that then contact the support team for help.

The experts are always ready to address the issues faced by the customer very easily. The main objective of the Amazon customer service team is to serve the customers by helping them directly throughout the day.