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How To Get Rid Of Alexa Setup Problem?

It is a known fact that if you have landed on this page, then you are facing trouble in setting up Alexa. You just need Alexa app or the website to complete the setup process. The process is quite easy but if you skip some steps then that would create a problem. Often, you may find that Alexa app is stuck on the white screen due to which you are unable to complete the process. Whereas there are times when you will see that the ring light is stuck in blue when it needs to change to orange to start the process. In order to get rid of the Alexa setup problem, you have to ensure that all the steps followed accurately.

What are the steps of Alexa setup?

  • Installation: You have to, first of all, install the Alexa app on your device. But you have to make sure that you don’t open it. Before opening, you have to plug the Amazon echo device into the electric socket. This will light up the ring blue in a minute or two. After you have installed the app, you have to launch it once the ring turns yellowish orange.
  • Signing up: Once the app launched you will have to sign in using the Amazon account. If you are already a user, then you can use your credentials for signing up. Though if you are a new user then you can even create a new account for signing up. After creating the account, you have to select the echo device and language on the follow-up screens.
Alexa setup problem
  • Manually connecting: This is the most important step as you have to manually follow the steps and connect to the echo screen. Now, you have to leave the app and open the Wi-Fi settings on the phone. Under the icon of Wi-Fi connection, you can find a new Wi-Fi connection with name Amazon with digits. This is the time when you need to tap this connection. When the device connected then the echo device
    will speak the first words. You have to enable internet access on the Android as well.
  • Connect: At last, you have to select the Wi-Fi network. For doing so, you have to tap on the Wi-Fi network and enter the password. These passwords saved on Amazon. Finally, hitting the connect button will complete the setup process. You will not have to face setup problem if you follow the above -mentioned steps properly. Sometimes you will even have to follow few Amazon echo troubleshooting measures.
How To Fix Alexa Setup Problem?
  • Uninstallation: Suppose you get stuck in the white screen on the Alexa app. This is a major Alexa setup problem. In that situation you have to wait for some time, if then also the problem is not solved then you should try uninstalling it from your device. You have to follow the usual methods of uninstallation as you have done for installation.
  • Changing the date and time: Often the setup process is not completed because there is conflict in the data and time of your phone. In order to solve this problem, you have to make changes in the settings on the device from manual to automatic.
  • Updating Android system: Usually, users never know that updating apps will solve the issue. It is true that all the problems related to setup problem solved by updating apps whose update exists. That implies you have to update the Android system web view from the play store and get rid of the setup problem completely.
  • Disabling smart network: There are few brands of devices where you have to disable the smart network Wi-Fi settings. If you face Alexa setup problem, then you should leave the Alexa app and open the settings of the device. There you can find the smart network switch on the screen that you have to uncheck. Now, you have to go back to the Alexa app, in the meantime, it will get connected. Whatever
    a device you are using you can find the smart Wi-Fi switcher option for disabling the smart network and fixing the problem.
  • Disabling ad guards and VPNs: While setting up Amazon echo if you find that your device has ad guards or VPN installed, then you have to disable them. Whenever there is a problem in the setup process, then you have to make sure that you check this on your device. Once you have disabled them you can try to complete the setup process again.
alexa setup problem
  • Setting up Alexa from the website: If even after following all the above mentioned fixes, Alexa setup problem remains unsolved, or Alexa is not responding then you have to try this one. You can try to set up the echo from the website instead of the app. You have to open up the Alexa website and then sign in the Amazon account. The user interface in the site and app is the same. So, you have to follow the steps in a similar pattern to that of the app and complete the process. Once the setup process completed, then you can use the Alexa app normally.